Call Centre !!

Does it work ?? in my experience you finaly get through speak to someone who has very little idea of where to pass you too and its not unusual to go through 3 different departments after being diverted before you find someone who knows to whom you SHOULD be speaking too.

Why not get rid of the call centre, distribute the staff (depending on demand) to the offices that deal with specific issues i.e Housing,disabled facilities, refuse collection. Distribute a list of numbers widely and on the web identifying people where to go for info and train the call takers in that particular field.


Why the contribution is important

benefits are: you get to the call takers experienced in the field you are enquiring about, everyone will not have to waste time trying to locate the right person, and the call centre itself can be closed saving the cost of outsourcing a service which the public in the main dislike. There is also a time saving in employees picking up the phone to someone, trying to solve a query in a field they don't know and looking through directories to try and find the right person.

Got to be a saving there !

by gray1h on January 08, 2015 at 12:53PM

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  • Posted by Dave January 08, 2015 at 13:01


    As i understand it the call center was recently brought back into the council from the outside contractors so i'm not sure if there would be many savings that could be made by re-distributing the staff.

    However i do like the idea that there should be more direct specialist knowledge available to people.
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