Council tax payer

1. When someone complains about dog foul so often and offers you a walk take up on the offer. Then wait out and fine those that you see allow their dog to foul and walk off. 

I am fed up if collecting my dog poo whilst trying to avoid stepping in someone else's dog poo. You put signs on lampost a warning offenders but take no action.

2. Those on benefits that can work but find a job below themselves get then to- pick litter, scrub graffiti, pick chewing gum, empty dog bins

3. Those that graffiti- fine them and make them remove it

4. Go into schools (high schools) and run work shops with kids let them run riot then show them the consequences. Skills for like.

5. Listen to residents and act when they ask for help.

6. Distribute the wheelie bins that way your workers can't sue you for a bad back from lifting the bin bags anymore - we have to wait until aug. A joke when others got then in 2013.


Why the contribution is important

Because I pay council tax and do everything the right way but don't get rewarded. 

by kpreston on January 04, 2015 at 10:29AM

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