Disposal of unused or vacant land assets

In travelling around the City i see significant pockets of unused or vacant land which is either empty or has long term derelict buildings on it and in the ownership of the City Council, a classic example are the former DLO sites that used to house the materials and staff employed by these services which are no longer in existtance, and haven't been for some time, with the private contrcators currently engaged to deliver the City's repair service using there own sites and offices. So why doesn't the City negiotiate the sale of these valuable vacant land assets for development, on the proviso that it is used for the provision of low cost affordable social housing.

Either use it or lose it, dont just sit on it and do nothing

Why the contribution is important

Low cost affordable social housing is at core of the coalitions recent austerity programme, with the introduction of such measures as the spare room tax, and access to this type of housing is becoming, and will continue to become, an incresing problem for the citizens of Birmingham.  The City Council being one of the largest social housing providers in the country with a fundamental obligation to meet the housing requirements of those most in need, should make every attempt to realise the potential of its under used assets to both maximise income for the local authority and improve the social housing provision within the City.

by notseamus on January 08, 2015 at 11:42AM

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