Maintaining the Library Service

I fundamentally disagree with the proposed cuts to the Library Service proposed by Birmingham City Councillors.

The following ideas could be considered to make best use of available funding:

1. Create a West Midlands Library Service with a combined budget from West Midlands Councils (Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall and Sandwell, etc) books and resources could be shared across the region. 

2. Combined schools and library service budgets for books and media etc. In particularly some form of this could be considered at a local level. For example where a local library is under threat but in close proximity to a school greater sharing of resources could occur books staff etc.

3. Allow local libraries to sell teas, coffees, etc create reading rooms, etc.

4. Allow local and city libraries to hold book launches, perhaps have a local author in residence, and/or artists / musicians to use library spaces

5. Allow local libraries to sell educational books

6. Combined local libraries with other facilities eg leisure centres, etc where possible.

7. Have one global website for all west midlands library services (but competitively tender the upgrade of the B'ham system!)

8. Allow Police, MP, local councillors, NHS Community outreach staff to rent space in libraries on a permanent / semi permanent basis.

These are just a few ideas I thought of in 5 minutes, I recognise that these need work and there are barriers to these but we shouldn't all sit back and allow 'a thousand reasons why not / red tape / etc from doing things in a better way and maintaining things that are valuable!

Have people really thought about options for sharing and collaborating to make best use of resources, etc. 

Why the contribution is important

Libraries and parks are extremely valuable public spaces. They provide some people with access to resources they would otherwise not have. 

Learning and knowledge are key to UK's future from an economic and social perspective.

I'm not convinced Political Leadership has worked to find creative solutions to the funding challenges faced. 




by RobAaaa on January 10, 2015 at 07:55PM

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