Utilising CSR to help address youth unemployment

Alot of our big businesses in Birmingham have a commitment to give something back to the local area - their Corporate Social Responsibility, let's utilise this potential for our young people.  Youth unemployment is high, our young people have a significant challenge getting their foot on the employment ladder.

So lets call out to local businesses.  The Council already supports the development of apprentices through with financial incentives, but are we doing anything to help young people get work experience and work skills in connection with local businesses?

Often businesses say they need to get something back from a work experience student to take them on, but we could also say its not about you getting something back its about you simply giving as part of CSR.  Commitments could vary, from a few weeks to a month (?), or we could ask for something different - what about workshops on employability skills or work based scenarios - you have this budget to overcome this problem - form a plan, who would you involve.. etc.. Getting this type of input from large employers rather than careers or academic staff may give a different and stronger message to young people about what businesses are looking for.

And who should we focus?  I would suggest looking at areas with the highest number of NEETs - young people not in education, employment and training, and areas with high youth employment. 



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Young people are facing a significant challenge getting onto the employment ladder and aspiring to work in jobs with high skill levels, lets help them. 

by BrumMum on December 12, 2014 at 09:02AM

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  • Posted by APublicServant December 15, 2014 at 11:01

    A good idea, business has a responsibility to act. Businesses complain of not being able to recruit to the right skills, they should put more into training and moulding recruits to their needs from an earlier age.
  • Posted by Brummie38 December 16, 2014 at 06:36

    Great idea. Brum businesses already put a lot into Corporate Social Responsibility but it's often poorly targeted and ineffective.

    I like the Chamber of Commerce's "CSR City" initiative which tries to channel this more collaboratively across firms. I think their initial focus is education, but once they've cracked that maybe move on to this?

    I also think these commitments need to be more enduring and effortful than a fortnight's work experience. Young people are businesses's future main assets and they have a duty to help develop them.
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