We want to hear your thoughts and positive ideas about the future of Birmingham City Council.

We published detailed budget proposals for 2016+ on 9th December and want to capture as many different views as possible.

These are challenging times for the council. We need to change and we have less money to spend on services. The council of the future will look very different to the council of today.

The consultation 2016 proposals and accompanying factsheets can be found HERE.

Here are some of the things you might consider:

  • Which council services do you use now?
  • Is there a different way this service could be provided?
  • Are there services currently funded by the council you feel shouldn’t be in the future?
  • Looking beyond 2016 to 2020 what role could others (Individuals, voluntary sector or business) play in a vision of Birmingham’s future?

If you have any positive suggestions or ideas that you think we’ve not already thought about, this is the place to share and discuss them with other Birmingham citizens. 

All ideas submitted here will be considered as part of the Budget Consultation 2016+ which runs until 8 January 2016.

Please also take part in our formal consultation on Be Heard.

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