Encourage home/mobile working

If a job can be done from home (or other non-office) environment then the option should be made available.  Move the focus of measurement away from 'bums on seats' and more towards the outcomes.  Not everyone wants or has the facilities to work from home but where the option exists it should be explored and default to allowed unless/until there is a ereason not to, rather than only allowed if there there is a business case for home (or other non-office based) working.

Jobs where the worker is out 'on site' for much of the working day (and only comes in to the office to pick up paper work or update systems) would be a prime candidate for this, but other jobs should also be looked at.

Why the contribution is important

Savings on office space and desks that could be rented out (if owned) or disposed of (if leased).

by stephenbooth_uk on December 15, 2015 at 05:31AM

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