Engage front line staff in service changes and improvements

When looking to improve or change a service (new processes, new IT systems, new organisational design etc) involve volunteers from amongst those who actually deliver the services in the design and development of changes.

Why the contribution is important

A major cause, according to much of the literature on Change, of business change failure is that the people directly impacted by and most affected by the change are not engaged to contribute to the design and development of the change and new operating model.  Often the change is designed and developed by outside consultants (who have no experience of how the service is currently operated) and/or managers who are steps removed from the actual delivery of the service.  This is far from unique to Birmingham City Council, it's common across many organisations.

By engaging some of the frontline staff as full partners in the design and development of the change this will provide information about how the current process actually operates currently, pain points and work arounds that have developed over time to deal with the pain points.  This means that the change is more likley to deliver improvements.  Additionally engaging front line staff is likely to deliver greater buy in, change becomnes something the staff have done rarther than has been done to them.

by stephenbooth_uk on December 15, 2015 at 05:07AM

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