Gridlock the City Centre

Felt I had to comment on the proposal to "Provide a new employee benefits package" and more specifically "The proposal is to remove the flexi schemes which are in place across the Council to enable increased productivity and re-aligned with an agile workforce."

What a laugh. How on earth would this create any saving whatsoever?  If an employee works 35 hours in week one they have to catch up at some point and work the extra hours in the future and if they work three consecutive 42 hour weeks they can book a flex day in the fourth week. Over the year hours are neither lost or gained on either side. This is pure and simple jealousy on the part of hired 'consultants' who are appalled at the fact that BCC staff are entitled to flexi leave. No thought as usual as to the wider context of work-life-balance or the impact that a decision like this could have on the City as a whole. I look forward to 12,000 BCC employees all attempting to arrive at bang on 8:45am and the resulting gridlock this will cause throughout the City centre. Imagine 3,000 staff queuing to get into Lancaster Circus or the 3,000 staff leaving at the same time and the gridlock on the surrounding roads! lol

Next idea will be congestion charging because of the gridlock! - Or, alternatively, BCC may want to introduce a rota system. Hundreds of hours or work for middle manager or a £500k computer system should do it, and the result.... not an single minute gained or lost by the staff on the ground. Think Think Think!!!

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Because people don't think things through!

by Anon on December 17, 2015 at 08:11PM

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  • Posted by maris73 December 18, 2015 at 10:16

    Flexible working doesn't just benefit the employee. It has a huge benefit for the employer too, they can get more hours from employees at busy times without having to pay overtime e.g. end of month reporting can be a busy time so employees will work longer hours at this time and build up flex to have a day off mid month when things aren't so hectic. Win win for both employee and employer. The alternative would be the employer paying overtime at the busy time and an employee not working to full potential at quiet times but still sitting at their desk getting paid till the clock hits whatever time is deemed end of the working day. Talk about moving backwards!
  • Posted by davidmchilds December 18, 2015 at 11:08


    We appreciate you have strong feelings on this, however this is not the best place to give feedback to the consultation document. Please take part in the consultation by following the link below to make sure your views are heard.[…]/consult_view

    This is designed to be a discussion on alternative ideas to ones that have already been proposed. So if you have alternative ideas we would love for you to share them here.


    Brum Speaks Admin Team.
  • Posted by stephenbooth_uk December 21, 2015 at 17:17

    Anon, you might be interested in the ideas I've posted to Encourage Home/Mobile Working, Provide Local Offices and Train Managers in People Management.

    I can see an arguement for getting rid of flexi leave but there is no valid arguement I can see for getting rid of flexi time for most jobs. If local managers can see one of their staff abusing flex then the answer is for them to deal with that member of staff informally then if things don't improve formally. I've managed staff, it's difficult to do right but dealing with something immediately, locally and informally is always better than letting it build up and going the formal route.
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