Lease out excess office space, especially in prestige city centre buildings

Where the council has excess office capacity, especially in high quality buildings in/near the city centre, look to rent it out to businesses (especially those that woprk with the council).  Where appropriate offer additional services as part of the package (e.g. reception, security and cleaning) or as a premium, charged, service (e.g. bulk mail, bulk printing, ad hoc printing/scanning/copying, secretarial/admin support, meeting rooms, catering etc.).

Why the contribution is important

This could provide an on-going revenuie stream for the council from unused space that would otherwise be a cost (if left vacant) or provide a one-off income from a sale but nothing going forward.  The council may also choose to offer space at a discount to businesses that may move into the city so creating

by stephenbooth_uk on December 15, 2015 at 05:19AM

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