Reduce senior management overhead

Carry out a detailed examination of the work and work load of all directors, assistant directors and heads of service in Birmingham City Council.  Ask:

* Does this work deliver value to our citizens or is it required for regulatory compliance?  

Eliminate non-value/non-complainace work then ask;

* Could this post be eliminated by distributing the work to the excess capacity in posts above, below and on the same level as this post; and changign reporting lines as appropriate?  

Redistribute work, change reporting lines and eliminate posts.

Why the contribution is important

Past redundancy trawls have concentrated on the delivery layers of the organisation (whether that is delivery to the public or delivery to internal customers in support of delivery to the public), the upper echelons have been largely untouched for some years.  Eliminating one post on £100k+ (and their associated administration, office space etc) could save several value delivery posts further down the organisation.

by stephenbooth_uk on December 10, 2015 at 02:24PM

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  • Posted by navigator December 10, 2015 at 14:44

    Also less Silo management and more cross management might help eliminate some posts.
    e.g. NHS, leisure , health and well being.
  • Posted by stephenbooth_uk December 10, 2015 at 17:47

    Liverpool did some very good work around health and well being by the council's social care area making links with the local NHS trust to make sure that people got the level of care they needed delivered by the most appropriate body as close to home as possible. They drastically reduced hospital admissions for people with long term conditions and older adults and used the money saved to deliver better social care in their home or local day centres so creating a virtuous cycle to further reduce admissions, all whilst improving quality of life for their citizens. As I recall they closed hospital wards due to lack of patients, imagine that, a hospital being able to say "We have too many beds."
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