Train Managers in People Management

Looking at the proposed changes to staff terms and conditions many look like they are there to address problems that could be much more easily and cheaply addressed as local management issues.  If local managers were trained in how to manage people (which is very different from how to operate a procedure, procedures are what happens when managing people goes wrong or isn't done right) then there would not be any real need for the changes to sick pay, flex etc. as the issues would be addressed by the local manager.

A classic and repeated symptom of managers not trained in people management is excessive disciplinary, greivance and bullying/harrassment cases, and especially disciplinary cases where the investigation phase takes months.  If manageres knew how to manage properly, and did so, many issues that currently lead to cases would be dealt with informally long before a procedure was needed and for those that did reach the procedural stage the investigation would usually be brief as the evidence would already be recorded in meeting notes and other documentation.


Why the contribution is important

If managers were properly trained in how to manage people less time would be lost to cases and demotivation of staff and fewer HR advisors would be needed as problems would be resolved before getting to the HR stage.  This would also reduce the amount of union facility time required and speed up consultations and negotiations as union officers wouldn't be spending most of their time on case work and could concentrate of improving employment relations!

by stephenbooth_uk on December 10, 2015 at 05:39PM

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