Effective Road Bollards

Remove the lit road bollards from Broad Meadow Lane - and if necessary replace with a more effective method of traffic calming / lighting.  The bollards in question are constantly being knocked down as they become extremely dirty very quickly (presumably due to the recyling centre HGVs chugging up the hill) meaning they can't been seen clearly and are crashed into.  Consequently temporary unlit replacement bollards are in place more often that the actual lit ones! Without lit bollards, the raised kerb in the centre of the road is a hasard.  The regularity of them being knocked down and replaced clearly demonstrates that they are not effective in this particular area, so council money should be saved by removing or replacing with a more suitable option.

Why the contribution is important

It will save council money by avoiding the need for constant replacement of these bollards.  The road will be safer for drivers and less damage will be sustained to drivers cars

by Leesy on January 24, 2015 at 10:06PM

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