Street cleansing

Every month the mechanical street sweeper comes along Kingsley Rd at 7.30am on a Tuesday morning.  As there are always cars parked it is a pointless waste of resources.  Although somewhere has to be early it why can't the routes be rotated on a regular basis so every street gets a fair chance of an effective cleanse?  Alternatively save money by sending it out less often but at an effective time when there are fewer parked cars. Also are there any street litterpickers?  Could they be scheduled to operate after the recycling run as this is when the most spillage occurs?  Again this would be more effective.  Alternatively make the bin crews pick up the spillage.

Why the contribution is important

A clean environment is so important as proved by the broken window theory.  If a place looks dirty and neglected then petty crime soon edges in and escalates.

by lizquiney on January 24, 2015 at 04:56PM

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