Location of all car parking bays across the city.

A spatial layer showing the locations, types, tarfiff and hours of operation of all car parking bays in the city.

Why the contribution is important

I work for a company called HERE (a nokia company). We are the leading provider of digital maps to the automotive industry with 4 out of 5 sat-nav systems sold worldwide containing our maps. 

We would like to offer our users the ability to choose parking at a destination (as part of the turn by turn navigation function) based on the availability of spaces, tariff and time restrictions. 

HERE feel that providing car drivers with up to date, accurate details on where and when they can and can’t park, along with any potential costs involved would go a long way towards decreasing unnecessary car journey time, thus cutting pollution and congestion. Studies show 30% of inner city traffic is caused by searching for parking spaces whilst 25-40% of travel time to a central urban area is attributed to parking-search.

Our city centres have suffered as a result of the disparity in  the ease of parking between the out-of-town shopping centres that have access to acres of free parking and the old retail centres where parking is often widely and irregularly distributed across the city. HERE hope to change this by making parking more visible and smarter.

Rather than relying on road side signage that informs only at the point of access, having this data in the hands of drivers before they start their journey allows them to make an informed, ‘smarter’ choice.

By making this data 'open', Birmingham City Council will be taking a big step towards ensuring they are on the leading edge of working with commercial organisations for the benefit of their residents.



by Alec on June 22, 2015 at 01:51PM

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