Pot hole: Date Reported, Location, Date Passed to Amey and Date Reported Fixed

Where a pot hole (or similar carriage way issue) is reported to the council the date it was first reported, the location (ideally as both grid reference and the description of location given by the reporting person), the date it was reported to Amey (so repair requested) and the date that Amey reported it was fixed output to allow reporting and analysis of the responsiveness of the council and of it's highways contractor.  Consider adding flags for outcomes such as "Could not confirm existence of pothole", "Pothole within Birmingham City Council  area but not on Birmingham City Council controlled carriage way (e.g. privately maintained road)", "Pot hole outside of Birmingham City Council area (e.g. neighbouring council's area)". 

Ideally three datasets should be available:

  • Pot holes not yet reported as fixed
  • Pot holes reported as fixed
  • All pot holes (including those not confirmed, not on Birmingham City Council controlled carriageway and not in Birmingham City Council area)

Perhaps second and third datasets could be provided as a rolling past quarter or half year then from start of this calendar year and annual.

If possible agree format with other authorities to allow combining of datasets to provide a comprehensive view of roads in the region.

Perhaps similar datasets for street lighting, traffic lights and other highways assets.

Why the contribution is important

The council is often attacked for not fixing pot holes in a timely manner when in fact it is the contracters delay or the pot hole could not be confirmed to exist (malicious report or inadequate/inaccurate location information) so this would support defensive paperwork if the council were sued for damage to vehicles and provide both transparency and the appearence of transparency to improve the image of the council.  If the data were provided in a format suitable for processing to a layer in Google Earth/Maps type applications it may be useful to the public and motoring organisations to assess the viability of roads. 

by stephenbooth_uk on June 22, 2015 at 05:42PM

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