Homeless women can do it too

I manage a number of services for women living in supported and temporary accommodation. I would really like to do some consultation with our customers and organise activities they can participate in safely and without judgement. The women we support have a range of needs that may exclude them from participating in 'mainstream' activities but actually really important to keep them motivated and promote that they can do it.  Consultation is important as I would like them to have a voice and plan event with us.  We could also invite other organisations across city who support homeless and vulnerably housed women.

It would be fantastic to have access to a leisure centre which for pone day only is for exclusive use for homeless/vulnerable women in city so they could have opportunity to participate in a range of activities 

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promoting health and well being of women excluded from mainstream sport and leisure activities

capturing message of women can campaign

by Tracyjoy on January 21, 2015 at 08:10AM

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