Mum's and daughters one for all 'Boogie til your Breathless'

I would like to run an aerobics, dance, fun session for mothers and daughters. The session(s) would be 100% inclusive.  The main aim of the session would be for it to be 100% inclusive. Noone would be turned away because of disablity.

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Children with disabilities have very little access - if any at all - to exercise, especially exercise in a sociable and fun way. The mums of these children are limited in the choice of excercise because they have little, if any, free time. They are 24 hour carers. If the mum herself has a disability, there are too many social and economical  barriers for them to fight through to exercise themselves. A session where both mums and daughters whether able or disabled could join in would be great fun. Not only would the exercise be beneficial, the endorphins be uplifting but the social apsect would be empowering.

by sjhunt on January 17, 2015 at 08:14PM

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