Record-breaking Zumba Party

 Can you picture this? A massive venue in the second largest city in England; enthusiastic Zumba instructors, each bringing their own flavour; a record number of eager participants giggling and wiggling dancing to exhilarating rhythms. Or you could just call "the biggest party in Birmingham".

Why the contribution is important

Fun, Fitness and Frienship; as a Zumba instructor, this is what I value the most. Zumba is so much more that just a fitness programme; it brings together girls of all ages and levels of fitness in a fun, safe environment where all are free to express themselves to the music. It goes on beyond the dance studio as well. Let's bring all the Birmingham girls together and create more friendships because; these girls can!!!

by AddieB on January 30, 2015 at 02:18PM

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