Tell us what you want the future of Waste in Birmingham to look like?

  • How can the behaviour of city’s residents and businesses change in order to reduce the amount of waste?
  • What can be done to re-use, recycle or extend the life of the things we use?
  • How can waste become more valuable to us and how should that value be shared?
  • Do we have common values or principles for how the city should tackle waste?
  • Does one size fit all? Could waste services be different for different people or places?

  We want our new waste strategy to be informed by our citizens,

  businesses, partners and stakeholders. Here is an opportunity to

  kick around some ideas in an informal public place.


  Share you ideas here and get involved in the  discussion.


 You can also share your views by completing a survey on the future waste  strategy HERE.

Pictures: (Flikr) Lydia, Aaron Warren, Johnathan Coleman, Kevin Krejci

30 ideas