Continue with network of Food Champions after Love Food Hate Waste project ends

Love Food Hate Waste has been running an 18 month project with BCC and  The Central England Coop to reduce food waste across the city.  The main initiaitive is to create a network of food champions through cascade training and social media. So far nearly 400 people have been trained and there are over 600 champions following the project on social media. The approach is for every trainee to share what they learn to spread tips and advice to reduce food waste at home.  WRAP who are running the project have carried out research on their cascade training which shows that each trainee shares with up to 38 people, and the information continues to get shared amongst family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. This means that the impact from one training session can have long lasting effects.   The project is only funded until March 2016.  My suggestion is that BCC invest in continueing with the training without the assistance of WRAP/Love Food Hate Waste as there are still hundreds if not thousands more people who could really benefit from this training. 

Why the contribution is important

It makes a difference at the householder level, it is proven to work and helps people and LA's save money.

by EmmaBarnett on November 10, 2015 at 11:38AM

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