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Recycling and its importantance must be embedded into the curriculum, it should be compulsory for schools to make a conscious effort to promote recycling and have facilities to do so. Most children who recycle through their whole school lives will naturally continue the process into adulthood. We must also begin charging for waste collection and disposal as in Scandinavian countries, where as little as 60 pence per bin bag is charged and has proved very effective in increasing recycling talks. Financial incentives for recycling should then be introduced to reward those who exemplify waste management at home and further used to educate and show people how easy and lucrative it can be. Yet again Scandinavia leads the world in another issue and we must follow their lead.

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I believe it is essential that we end bad household waste management and drastically increase recycling rates in the UK. It is to our detriment to lazily continue on a path of landfill and incineration. We will continue to negatively affect our planet and our health. Recycling must play a part in the young people's lives who will create the future of this fantastic city, there is no reason why Birmingham cannot lead the way in these initiatives and become a beacon for success, showing Britain and the world how one city can join together and show and entire population how it is done!

by ryantoal on November 13, 2015 at 10:48AM

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  • Posted by bolderepaul November 16, 2015 at 12:45

    For many people, the biggest incentive is financial. If households are rewarded for the amount they recycle then they will do it.
  • Posted by Barney12 December 18, 2015 at 11:53

    I agree that children should be encouraged from an early age to dispose of their waste responsibly and recycle wherever possible but this should not have to be initiated by teachers, who are already burdened with tasks that are rightly the responsibility of parents. I do not believe , either, that financial rewards should be given for what should be a citizen's social duty (apart from the impracticability of such a scheme). As for paying an extra fee for bin bags, as suggested, anyone who pays council tax will rightly argue that they are already paying for the refuse removal service.
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