Just get on with it

Why does the council think it is necessary to ask the residents to comment on anything and everything? Many local authorities ( i should know as I have lived in two other areas) tell you what they are going to change and why, and then you get the changed service. No drama about which bins and sizes of bins you want and endless roadshows. If you need to save money now, do what you need to and put it into place. 

Birmingham doesn't require a weekly bin collection - bring in fortnightly or even less frequent. 

Stop providing a garden waste service, even if it is paid for. Many other areas tell residents to deal with it themselves.


Why the contribution is important

Time wasting and asking people about all the details means you are not saving money quick enough. Birmingham is not unique - other areas have been able to get on with it, and have done so for many years now. 

by GhostofBrum on November 12, 2015 at 01:51PM

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