Remove Litter Accumulating Wheelie Bins from Terraced Roads

Reconsider the instillation of wheelie bins in terraced streets in Birmingham where bins for the most part end up on prominent 24/7 display, either in tiny front gardens or often on the pavement.  The result in some areas, eg. parts of Acocks Green, is an unhealthy eyesore in the local environment.  The bins are frequently bursting open with extra rubbish and in many, many cases more rubbish is then built up around the bins.  Previously black bags were put out once a week and disappeared.  In my experience the legendary, oft-cited,  split black bag which had attracted vermin was actually rare..  In many years I never saw a single one of these anywhere near my home, although I put black bags out every week.  Now there is rubbish everywhere, openly on display all week long in a way which did not happen before, and pavements are covered with litter.  I suggest we also urgently need a new vermin survey to compare with one which I understand was carried out in early 2014.  I suspect that the level of vermin in roads like mine has increased

I suggest that for roads like mine, we should bring back the recycling crates which used to only appear only once a fortnight, and make the household waste bins optional, allowing black bags to be put directly into carts, which I know is still possible.    Cladding all our rubbish in additional plastic (which is in effect what has been done in the name of environmental responsibility) may be slightly increasing recycling rates but it is also increasing chaos and health hazard in some areas.    

As to the supposed plague of black bag ripping vermin, regular food waste collections would deal with most of this alleged problem anyway, and would also further help to remove need for cladding household waste bags in additional plastic. 

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Because it would improve and make more healthy the local environment, especially in many older and less well-off parts of Birmimgham, and make it less depressing.  

by JuliaLarden on December 18, 2015 at 11:32AM

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  • Posted by ALAN December 20, 2015 at 17:31

    Supply smaller bins for those who do not want the large. Better still go back to black bags and sensible re-cycling bins for all (re-cycling is important). The unsightly, cumbersome, heavy, potentially injurious on steps etc. generally contain black bags anyway; what is the saving?!
  • Posted by DavidKimberley December 22, 2015 at 12:02

    I agree that something needs to be done but ultimately it may fall down to the resident's responsibility. BCC could be stringent and specify that wheelie bins are not left on the footpath and that it's up to the resident to remove them.

    Perhaps residents should be encouraged to build an enclosure or something on the front of their houses that contain the bins, if they do not want to take them in and out through their houses (which I do not blame them at all for doing).
  • Posted by DavidKimberley December 22, 2015 at 12:02

    PS: on the subject of vermin - we used to have a rat problem here and it's since been eradicated due to the fact that bags aren't left out now (my neighbours used to dump bags in their gardens until collection day, so there was always a fresh attraction for the rats).
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