The future of waste collection

Having read the questions in this consultation it appears that  your focus, quite rightly, is on efficiency and cost cutting. My feeling is therefore that nothing that the general public says will have any bearing. The fiasco of the introduction of wheelie bins and the disastrous effect this has had on the aesthetics of  most areas of the city, as well as the effect this has had in that people now feel it is alright just to leave waste at the front of their house for weeks,  is a direct result of poor and hasty cost cutting decisions made previously after such consultations. I feel that the local waste services have lost sight of the fact that this is where we live and are more focused on what makes it easier and more time efficient. Now they appear to want to make money too.  My idea is ;smaller bins, more collections and to employ more people to sort the waste rather than relying on the people who pay the bills to do it.

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We have always been known, unfairly, as a dirty city, however now we can no longer refute this. We need to change our image not by building more impressive shops and offices but by making it a pleasant place to live and work.

by Spripingule on November 13, 2015 at 01:15PM

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  • Posted by ALAN December 20, 2015 at 18:08

    I agree fully, except for the assumption that wheelie bins are a cost saving (and generally there will be bags in the bins, so not even an environmental improvement with saving bags!).

    Also the green recycling bins are an inevitable failure, leading to green waste placed in wheelies (its difficult to hide green waste in black bags and there is little incentive to do so if green bags are available).

    Green waste should be profitable, not a cost, if processed efficiently.
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