Tin cans, pet bottles

Retailers particularly the large stores  such as Asda, Tesco, Aldi, Lidle should have to take back plastic /pet bottles for recycling..  This works well in Switzerland where large wire cages on wheels, , holding large transparent  bags, are placed daily  outside the shop entrance. When full they can be wheeled away and the bags replaced. Because the bags are transparent, shoppers are less likely to dump other stuff. (God sees all but fellow shoppers see more!)

Bottle banks/glass are provided near my home, also containers for  paper and clothing  which I appreciate (as a single, I dont have so much rubbish and am glad to get rid of it without waiting for wheelie bin collections!. However, I would be very glad if there were banks for tins!.    

Obviously, it is all a question of discipline - -getting shoppers to take their recycling back when they go shopping.

This should also apply to other good / retailers of electrical goods etc - fridges, ovens, vacuum cleaners etc.

In fact almost everything - particularly unused medicaments should be accepted by chemists/doctors etc.

Why the contribution is important

As a single person, I would not need  a recycling wheelie bin - my garage has to hold three large bins   taking up valuable space.  As for household waste - I would need only a small bin such as previously supplied.


by patriciahafner on December 21, 2015 at 09:40AM

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